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Here at last is a medical dictionary that iscleanly designed, clearly written, and as useful tothe general reader and student as it is to thehealth-care practitioner. Prepared by a distinguishedteam of medical specialists and writersThe Bantam Medical Dictionaryspans theentire domain of the health sciences, offering thelatest authoritative definitions in language anyonecan understand. All the basic areas are covered:anatomy, physiology, and the use of medical drugs,which are listed under both generic and tradenames. Plus all the major medical and surgicalspecialties from cardiology to tropical medicine. Thisexhaustive reference also embraces allies fieldssuch as biochemistry, nutrition, pharmacology,psychology, psychiatry, community medicine anddentistry, and is completely revised and updated to reflectthe latest medical information on diseases such asAIDS and ARC, Lyme disease, toxic shock syndrome,and cystitis, as well as new developments inaddictions and eating disorders, fertility and potency,genetic engineering and childbirth. 512 pages
Laurence Urdang
The Bantam Medical Dictionary
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