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The new queen of the blockbuster is backIn the ultra-chic world of the fabulously rich, fashion can have a very high pricea┬ŽSaul Milford, owner of one of Englandas oldest and most prestigious luxury goods companies is dead, but who will inherit his estate?For years Saul's niece Cassandra, editor-in-chief of Rive, the most glamorous fashion magazine of the moment has believed that she would be the sole benefactor. But she's not the only family member with their eye on the ultimate prize. Roger, Saul's handsome brother with a demanding wife. Julia the art-dealer sister with a dark and brooding secret, Tom the playboy nephew, and Emma, the hardworking but unlucky in love niece living and working in Boston. All have their reasons for wanting the company. But one of them will go to any lengths to secure what they believe is rightfully theirs.Once again Tasmina Perry takes us a non-stop tour of the mega-privileged, weaving a gilt-edged tale of lust, glamour and intrigue around the world's most luxurious locations.Itas what beaches were made for. 675 pages
Tasmina Perry
Guilty Pleasures
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Harper 2009 Paperback
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Soft cover
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Chicklit, Fiction